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Additt Payroll & HR

Welcome Additt Payroll & HRl !!!

The private and public sector payroll system has been characterised by a number of problems such as delayed salary payments, ghost workers and incomplete and inaccurate employee database.

In order to overcome the aforementioned problems, there is the need to maintain a reliable, sustainable, scalable payroll and employee database. To meet this requirement, Additt Consulting has developed Additt Payroll & HR.


Additt Payroll & HR has the following unique features:
(a) Payroll:

(b) Personnel:

(c) Reporting:

(d) System:

(c) Customisation:

Additt Consulting is strongly committed to ensuring that Additt Payroll & HR meets the desired requirements of our cherished customers and wish you every success in the use of our product.

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